Thanksgiving and holiday pins

Thanksgiving has kind of taken me by surprise this year.  It feels like just last week I was cranking up the AC and keeping the sun block handy and here we are at harvest time.  I guess it’s time to start thinkging about new holiday pins. But that’s just me, because I live a nd breath pins and can’t wait to see the new ones arrive.

About seventy years ago though, Thanksgiving was nothing more than an inconsistent excuse to eat too much, since no specified day had been set aside for Thanksgiving yet.  It’s been celebrated since the time of the Pilgrims, but sadly, entire decades would go by without Thanksgiving dinners during times off war and other consuming events in American history.  Thankfully, World War Two brought about not only a surge in the American economy, but a return of Thanksgiving, and congress passed a law distinguishing the fourth Thursday in November to be a national holiday.

So to help catch myself up this year, I’m going to sport some holiday pins.  They’re fun, work-friendly, and great to share during office holiday parties. Since Thanksgiving is nondenominational it’s a great time to give holiday pins to friends and coworkers.  Especially the ones like me who have trouble keeping track of the season.

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