Power of Pink – The Breast Cancer Ribbon

Watching NFL football this month, I’ve seen the support of the NFL for breast cancer awareness in their pink cleats and towels. It got me thinking about how sports fans tend to believe that their support and devotion of a team actually improves the team’s performance on the field. The same thing could be said for those who support the fight to beat cancer.

While there is no substitute for the likes of chemotherapy and radiation, the power of positive thought supplements any and all therapy regiments. When the cancer patient has a reason to fight, has people who count on them, the prognosis improves. The difficult procedures are not avoided but faced, the schedule of pills and therapy are tackled and not pushed off.  Attitude is everything.

So something like a breast cancer ribbon becomes much more than a means to raise money for research, it becomes another tool to battle the disease. Breast cancer awareness products aren’t just about profit, they are personal, like purple hearts to a soldier who’s battled for his cause. Support is a vital part of this ongoing battle, both for the big foundations, and the personal struggles. Regardless of whether or not you’re dealing with breast cancer personally, we can still be part of the solution.

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