Little League Trading Pins

Think back to the time when you were a child, playing a game of trade typically consisted of trading off cards featuring your favorite sports teams. Well now, trading pins have become the new obsession of today’s youth. It may seem silly, but these pins serve as a creative outlet for these kids and even some adults. Listed below are features that are driving little league players across the country wild:

• Little league pins are a way for players to show team spirit and interact with other children through trading. They spark excitement by featuring eye catching logos, shapes, colors, and creatively designed mascots.

• Custom trading pins have the ability to be shaped to your liking. They can be in the shape of you team’s state, the team mascot, or they incorporate both. Instead of the boring square or circular shaped pin, they have more depth, and creativity.

• Adding your team numbers to the pin’s design is another feature that shows off team pride and works to make the pin a personalized collector’s item. It gives players the ability to look back and reflect upon their time spent playing for their favorite little league team.

• The name of the team can be enhanced by using a shiny finish, glitter, and even adding blinkers. Glitter or blinkers can be added to their mascot’s eyes for a more vibrant appeal or the team logo can be highlighted with glitter or blinkers.

• For a customized trading pin, you can visit our site and give us all the details. You can either call us for a detailed quote or use our site to request a quote. Tell us the name of your team, your team colors, give us your logo, and one of our designers can provide you with pins that all of your players will go crazy over.


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