May – A month to remember our military.

At PinMart, we spend much time developing marketing plans and sales incentives that revolve around the current awareness causes and recognition events that are celebrated during the given month. Now that May is behind us I just realized that sometimes I, like many people, is guilty of losing track of the importance of these causes and events. May is all about recognizing the military, soldiers, service members, and their families. What are you doing to recognize and inspire them?

We recently published an article on our website Military Pins and their role in the history of the modern lapel pin. This article discusses how lapel pins, since their inception, have been linked to the military and are often used to recognize, inspire, and commemorate. I think this article will give you a great foundation and understanding of how lapel pins are an important part of the military and perfect way to show your support and patriotism.

Happy reading –


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