Whats our blog all about?

Question: Whats our blog all about?

Answer: We’ll let you know when we find out.

Actually thats not all together true, but mostly true. We can bore you with our expertise on lapel pins, lanyards, awareness causes, and employee recognition however I have a feeling that most of our readers will want to know how PinMart and our products can help solve their needs.

Every few days we will post usefull information on a wide range of topics. These topics will have one over-riding purpose. That purpose will be to show you how to Recognize, Inspire, and Promote! After all, the cornerstone to our business is:

  • Recognition – recognize employees, volunteers, students, staff, or any deserving person.
  • Inspiration – inspire people to do their best
  • Promote – promote your business, organization, product line, or cause

Our expertise and product line revolves around these 3 cornerstones and as a reader of our blog we intend to help you and your business as it relates to them. We hope you enjoy our post and we encourage you to comment.

Happy reading!


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