Autism Awareness Infographic

April is upon us, and that means Autism Awareness. Studies released just last week have indicated that children effected with autism has gone up from 1 in 88 to 1 in 68. This is an alarming jump that needs to be addressed.

The below infographic helps lay out the issues and the ways to help when it comes to autism awareness. From the likelihood of boys to girls, to what sort of awareness ribbons can show your support, check it out and do your part this April.



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National Nutrition Month: Feed Your Body the Right Nutrients to Prevent & Fight Against Cancer

Throughout the year, there are various campaigns and events held in an effort to bring about awareness and promote change. Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?

Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month is an educational and informational campaign designed to help promote the importance of making better food choices and developing good eating habits.

While you don’t need a health nutritionist or doctor to inform you of the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly, not everyone takes into account the significance of healthy habits. It’s usually not until an illness, disease or other health problem arises that we begin to understand the impact a poor diet has on our body.

Did you know that poor diet and lack of physical activity are two prime factors that increase your chances of developing cancer? According to the World Health Organization, at least one-third of all cancer cases are preventable. And the majority of these cases are attributed to a poor diet and lack of physical activity.

How your weight plays a role in cancer risk
Being overweight causes your body to produce and circulate more estrogen and insulin, which1382 stimulate cancer growth. It increases your chances of developing cancer including breast cancer, colon cancer and pancreas cancer, among others. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you to reduce your risk of not only cancer, but other chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Why being physical active matters
While a good diet will certainly help you control your weight, it’s equally important that you exercise regularly. Doing so helps you avoid factors that contribute to the development of cancer such as obesity, inflammation and hormone levels, and insulin resistance, among others. In addition to exercising regularly, there are small changes you can make in your everyday life to help you be more active such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and doing common housework like gardening.

Good nutrition is important during cancer treatment
Following a good diet is not just important to help protect against cancer, but especially for those undergoing cancer treatment. Consuming the right foods and nutrients during and after treatment help you not only feel better but stay stronger.

Nutrition therapy is often used to help cancer patients receive the nutrition their body needs to stay at a good weight, keep body tissue healthy and fight against infections. Also, cancer patients who are well nourished may have a better chance of recovery and quality of life than others.

While cancer is a life-threatening illness, the good news is that you can do something about it. Join in the effort to raise awareness about cancer and the importance of healthy eating. Our cancer awareness ribbons are perfect to help bring about awareness and to show how you care.

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10 Uses For Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches can be attached to nearly any fabric by sewing, ironing, or even using a simple adhesive. Embroidered patches are a simple and attractive addition to almost any piece of clothing—but don’t stop there! Below are ten unique uses for embroidered patches.

#1: Work uniforms

A traditional use of embroidered patches is on uniforms such as police, fire fighters, or security workers. But really, any workplace can use embroidered patches to display a company logo or employee names on uniforms.

#2: Team spirit

Members of a sports team or club can use embroidered patches on their uniforms, bags or 756other gear to remind their competitors who they are up against!

#3: Where in the world have you been?

World travelers will appreciate building up a collection of embroidered patches from all their travel destinations. Attaching them to a backpack or jacket can be a great conversation starter about your trips!

#4: Keep it in the family

Planning a family reunion? Instead of the traditional t-shirts or hats, consider getting embroidered patches as a souvenir for all your relatives—or, if your family is big enough, using embroidered patches as nametags!

#5: Add personal flair

An embroidered patch that depicts a personal interest, hobby, or passion is a simple way to turn a basic bag or piece of clothing into something that is uniquely yours and lets the world know who you are.

#6: Show off your accomplishments

Kids will be proud to have embroidered patches announcing to the world that they are a sports star, on the honor roll, or the winner of a school or community award. For adults, think about “employee of the month” patches for your star workers.

#7: Support a cause

Let people know what you believe in! An embroidered patch bearing the name or logo of 6702an organization you support is a wonderful way to generate publicity for a cause that is important to you. As an added bonus,you can support many organizations by purchasing their patches.

#8: School spirit

Students can show off their loyalty to their college or school by displaying an attractive embroidered patch in the school colors. These can also be a simple school fundraiser.

#9: Personalize your bag

We’ve all been there: you get off an airplane and stand by the baggage carousel to claim your black duffel bag… only to see a dozen other black duffel bags. An embroidered patch is a great way to make your bag stand out from the crowd!

#10: Easy gift

Traveling somewhere new? Embroidered patches make great gifts: attractive, useful, and easy to pack for your loved ones back home.

What about you? Where have you used embroidered patches?

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A Military Milestone Worth Honoring

On March 3rd, 2014 the United States Navy Reserves will celebrate their 99th birthday. This day should be a time to reflect and thank all the Navy Reserve Sailors who are currently and have previously served the United States abroad and at home. The families, communities, and employers who have and continue to support these special mean and women should also be thanked and remembered. A great way to commemorate this special birthday is to purchase and proudly wear Navy pins.

The Navy Reserves were established on March 3, 1925. At the end of the 19th century, naval militias were organized in a number of states throughout the country. These militias represented the Navy’s manpower reserve and throughout the Spanish-American War107 these units helped in coastal defense and also served aboard United States’ navy ships. The state naval militias were very successful during this war and as a result, were used again during World War I (WWI) and every consequent conflict that the United States has been involved in.

Each conflict, including the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan, has relied on Navy Reservists. These hardworking men and women support the mission of the organization by providing and delivering operational capabilities to the Marine and Navy Corps teams. Furthermore, they support the Joint Forces throughout all military operations during times of peace and war. Members of the Navy Reserves have also worked alongside all branches of our country’s military and service men and women from other countries to perform and carry out missions.

When men and women enlist in our armed forces they are choosing to put their life on the line for our country. This action takes a courageous amount of dedication, bravery, and perseverance. Our service men and women in the Navy Reserves deserve our respect, support and thanks throughout the year because they are a huge reason why as Americans we feel safe and protected.

Navy Reservists continue to be an integral part of our United States’ military and each member should be honored on the organization’s 99th birthday. To show your support and gratitude for the Navy Reserve and their motto of: “Ready Now. Anytime, Anywhere,” display your Navy Pins on March 3rd, and every other day of the year.



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Feels like six more MONTHS of winter…

This time of year those of us in the colder climates really start to tire of the snow and winter weather. Spring is still weeks away, but Christmas and New Years feel like ages ago, and that slump, there’s no better word for it, starts to take its toll. In our office the cabin fever and the winter doldrums are endemic, as I’m sure are many offices stuck in the polar vortex. But it’s during weeks and months like this one that I at least begin to look forward to the little things: the drive home being slightly sunnier each day are a big one for me. Another thing that crops up in early March is Employee Recognition Day! It’s a great opportunity for offices large and small to shake off the winter pall and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

You can do a number of things to celebrate a day like this, because no matter what yourS836 role in a company is, you get to participate. Having a catered lunch brings people from other departments together who might not otherwise get to interact much on a given day. Or little tokens of appreciation like lanyards or recognition pins can brighten up an office’s day quite a bit, regardless of the weather outside.

Days like this don’t need to be a big production, but putting forth the effort for your work force can do wonders to dispel the sluggishness that often sets in this time of year. Whether it’s coffee and donuts brought in in the morning, or recognition pins left on everyone’s desk to find when they arrive, just a simple positive change in the daily grind can put a whole new spin on things.

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Cancer Awareness Ribbons and PinMart: the infographic!

PinMart com - Infographic - Month 29


Cancer awareness ribbons are a great way to promote fundraising and provide support for those battling cancer. The above infographic gives some great tips and tricks on how to minimize your chances of cancer, and how to do your part for those who do have it.

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Now it’s Personal

World Cancer Day was just a couple of days ago. I write, tweet, and post about it every year, and every year it is something I take seriously, because, and excuse the pun, but cancer is dead serious. But this year, while tweeting, posting and writing about World Cancer Day, I got word of the passing of an old friend from cancer, and my best buddy, my dog, was also diagnosed with cancer. So while I tend to put a lot of emphasis on WCD every year, this year, it’s personal.

Cancer, in the past year, personally effected over 13.7 million Americans. And it is estimated that in 2014 another 1.7 million new cases will be diagnosed. These staggering numbers are why I push awareness ribbons that help raise money for cancer research, why694new PinMart stocks cancer pins, lanyards, and paracord bracelets. My friend, a chemical engineer working on a cancer drug right now, pointed out that cancer drugs can take up to 10 years to perfect for practical use. And if time isn’t enough of an issue, the money required to fund this research for such a long time is astronomical. So things like awareness ribbons, cash donations, and pledge walks are so important.

Chances are you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. It has touched all of us in some way, some more personally than others, but everyone can point to someone in their lives who has battled cancer. Something so prevalent needs a cure, needs cures, and that’s what awareness ribbons do. It sounds silly, but if everyone who has ever had any brush with cancer personally or through a friend donated to cancer research through something like an awareness ribbon, that would be roughly 314 million donations. And numbers like that are what cure cancer.

Do your part for your friends, your family, your coworkers, your pets. No one deserves the personal knowledge of cancer, and what it can do to a person, a family, or a community.

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It’s A Small World Afterall

Everyone comes from a certain set of circumstances. Growing up in the midwest, east, west, south. Those of us who attended college either joined a sorority/fraternity or didn’t. We know our local hangouts, and our local hangups. It’s what makes us, us. But something I get to experience working at PinMart is I get to be a part of traditions from every walk of life, every location across our great country, every club and quirk that our nation has to offer, since it seems that no matter where you are or what you do, lapel pins find their way into the mix.

Working on sorority pins, I hear stories of pledges and longtime sisters, where their lives have taken them, and why the pins they’re creating are the way that they are. It’s often an “inside joke” or a local reference, something that only a select few will get upon first glance. But luckily, because I get to play a part in so many of these, I feel a part of all of these regional pieces, and it keeps me connected to people all across the country.

Or take the unique gathering of Burning Man. It’s a creative festival that happens every year out in the deserts of California, and draws creative, unique, inclusive people from all 157newacross the world who wish to share and commune with one another. One “Burner” as they’re called, has taken to creating lapel pins every year to bring and share with fellow campers, and through this collaboration I’ve gained a friend in him, and also now feel like an honorary “Burner” through my work with his piece, which has been worn in weddings, in every country I can think of, and of course, during Burning Man.

Sports teams, Lions clubs, local government, non-profits and memorials: they make up communities, and I get to be a part of all of them. Lapel pins make a connection not only with those who wear them, but with me to them, and I think that’s pretty cool.

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8 Ways You Can Support a Cause Other than Donating Money

Throughout the year, countless people across the nation set aside the time to raise awareness for a cause and show support for those fighting life-threatening illnesses. While many of them often give donations (since unfortunately funds don’t raise themselves and the majority of causes rely on the charitable and financial support of others), helping those with illnesses stretches much further than donating money.

If you want to support a cause in more ways than just by giving money, there is an array of things you can do. Below are eight ways you can show your support and raise awareness for any cause.  

1. Blog about it
Blogging is a great way to inform online audiences of a cause, and there are a ton of people who read blogs daily. You can use your blog to create your own media coverage and let others know about the latest news. You can also reach out to other bloggers and websites with an interest in the cause, and ask them to help spread the word by writing a post or sharing yours.

2. Get social
Social media is a fast, effective way to drum up support for a cause. You can create a page dedicated to a specific issue and share news and engage with online audiences. You 1539can also find others who are interested and connect with them.

3. Always be prepared
Wear clothing and accessories to show your support for a cause. From paracord and survival bracelets to pins, t-shirts, and more, you can make sure everyone takes notice of what you are championing.

4. Share your story
Whether you’re a survivor or lost a family or friend to an illness, share your story. Contact websites, news stations and other media outlets and tell them about your experiences. This will help your story reach a much larger audience.  

5. Create videos
Make your own homemade video or presentation about the cause and share it online. You can do this easily on, a free video-sharing site.  

6. Attend a lecture
To become more informed about an illness, attend a lecture — better yet, speak at one if you have a story to tell.

7. Create a display or poster
Make a display at your local library, school, office, local park, or other nearby location with information and posters about your cause. As people walk by, they’re sure to ask about it.  

8. Inform your healthcare providers
Speak to healthcare providers and ask them to offer handouts to patients in order to help them understand an illness.


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Come Together

We all take our sides, don’t we? Packers or Bears? Beatles or Stones? Paper, or plastic? It’s how we define ourselves in a way, the little things, the choices we make and the sides we take. But taking a side, choosing a team, a band, a car brand or a political party, should not divide us as a county, and as part of the human race. Which is the goal and the motivation of World Religions Day, happening this Sunday, the 19th.

This officially sanctioned day has been around for 64 years now, and has been observed all over the world every year since then. It’s a day for religious and spiritual organizations to 917come together and worship their faith as an intermixed group, instead of in their private places of worship. The aim is to provide points of reference for people, for faiths to understand one another and to respect both the differences and to see the similarities. Often at these meetings faiths will exchange pamphlets, words, and small tokens like religious lapel pins and charms. It isn’t about conversion, it’s about commingling and networking.

It will be easy to engage in World Religion Day on Sunday. Chances are local churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples will be organizing meetings with each other that you will be welcome to join. Be sure to come with an open mind, a willingness to share, and perhaps some simple tokens of your faith to share with others. religious lapel pins, candles, charms, or even homemade items. The point is to share, to learn, and to understand that faith is universal, even if the details are different for everyone.

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