4 Common Organizations that Benefit from Embroidered Patches

When you run an organization or a business, creating a sense of unity is incredibly important. You will also want a way to ensure that the world knows about you and your mission or offerings. Although a t-shirt or a logo could work, there are other, more distinctive options that are worth looking into. One of the best ways to let people know of your organization and to create a sense of camaraderie amongst your members, employees, or volunteers is to use embroidered patches.
There are plenty of organizations that can benefit from embroidered patches. Here are just a few.
1. Sports Teams
If you run a sports team, such as a little league baseball team, an embroidered patch can display the person’s membership and enthusiasm to the rest of the community. This makes your players feel special and, of course, a true part of the team. The great part is that, with customized patches, any type of sport and any logo can be represented – from teenage soccer teams to college lacrosse and beyond. Also, each member can have their team number and name on the patch, making everyone feel like they stand out.
2. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

One of the best ways to show off your scout troop pride is by using an embroidered patch. In fact, earning patches is one of the hallmarks and major goals of scouting – the more you have, the more you have achieved in the organization. In addition, the patches can even be worked into the arts and crafts portions of scout activities. After all, nothing looks better on a scout uniform than a classic embroidered patch—or patches—that can be sewn or ironed onto them by the members themselves.
3. Military

The military is one of the most well-known organizations to use patches. They are an Patches_Row_3important part of the uniform, often indicating rank and the specific position a person holds, and complement the pins and insignias that bedeck a uniform. These patches can also commemorate particular assignments and missions.

4. Local Organizations
Many types of local organizations could also use embroidered patches to great effect. From the local book club to the fire department, most groups want to have a sense of purpose and belonging, and patches can give them that. Since some of these types of groups may not have uniforms on which to place a patch, you could always offer customized totes, messenger bags or even t-shirts.
These four different uses for embroidered patches are very common. However, nearly every club, organization, or even business could benefit tremendously from having them. Just remember to have a specific logo design in mind and you will be ready to go!

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National Immunization Month

School starts this week for most of the nation’s children, and with that come a lot of things to check off your to do list. Things like new backpacks, school clothes, supplies, lunch boxes and even just getting children back into a school time schedule state of mind, from bedtime to scheduling in homework time again. But another vital component of that to do list should be to check and make sure your kids are up to date on their immunizations. While it is a somewhat contested topic amongst individuals, the majority of Americans understand the importance of preventing their child from getting dangerous diseases like chicken pox to polio.

But when parents and kids have so many things to take care of before school starts, vaccines are often pushed back or ignored entirely, and that’s a dangerous procrastination. Vaccines not only protect your child, but they help protect the entire community your child is in, because if your child is immune from these diseases, they cannot contract and spread it either. With the news filled with Ebola concerns the issue of vaccinations for preventable diseases is also becoming a very popular topic.

So get your kids into their pediatrician this month before school gears up. And if your kids 1481revare among the many who are scared of shots and doctors, consider ways to make the experience as fun and painless as possible. Bring your children’s favorite portable games with you to play in the car and at the doctor’s office while you wait. Distract them during the actual doctor visit with questions about your children’s favorite things, whatever they may be. Or perhaps pin on a guardian angel pin before they go in, as a way to protect them and make them feel more brave.

However you handle immunizations, make sure you get in for them during the month of August, which is National Immunization Month. The more you can do to prevent illnesses, the less you and your community has to worry about, and the more time you kids can spend being kids… and doing homework. Ugh.

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3 Common Organizations that Benefit from Challenge Coins

If you want to show someone in your organization how grateful you are for their work, there are multiple ways to do so. Many employers like to send out e-mails to their organization highlighting an employee’s dedicated efforts, and other businesses partake in an “employee of the month” type of award program. Any type of recognition is a great idea – you can help to boost a worker’s self-esteem while simultaneously congratulating them on their achievements.

One of the greatest tokens of appreciation can be challenge coins. Many organizations and businesses use these coins, though they are most well-known in the military. A challenge coin is a small two sided coin or medallion that bears a logo or insignia of a particular organization. Not only can these customizable coins prove to be a nice way to show your gratitude, but they are also an easy way of signifying that a person is affiliated with your organization.
Here are three organizations that can benefit from challenge coins.

1. The Military
Coins mean quite a bit to men in uniform, especially the military. This is a perfect way to Coin-Image-3highlight an individual’s rank and participation in a certain company. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces have a very long tradition of carrying coins in order to symbolize unit identity, as well as brotherhood.

2. Police Officers
Challenge coins are a great idea for the police force. They can not only instill a sense of camaraderie in officers, but also a sense of pride. As with the military, coins can be used in the police force to indicate the rank, squad, or department of each member, giving the person holding them a sense of individuality as well as community.

3. Businesses
In any business setting, a challenge coin can be useful in several ways. Many businesses these days are using them to commemorate company milestones. They are also a major way to celebrate success and encourage employees by recognizing their achievements.

One of the greatest things about challenge coins is that they can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. Whether you want a specific color scheme for your coin or the company logo, you can choose a unique coin that will reflect your intended purpose and recipients. A challenge coin can truly instill confidence, a sense of community, and self-esteem for an organization or business and its people.

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August is Medical Alert Awareness Month

Pinmart- Infographic- Month 35

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How Military Challenge Coins Work

A military challenge coin is a commemorative coin made especially for a specific unit or branch of the armed forces. Many units carry their own challenge coins and there are many hundreds (if not thousands) of variants that make wonderful additions to a military paraphernalia collection. However, challenge coins are not only collector’s items – they are also in active use for “challenges” in the U.S. military today.

If a military unit has its own challenge coin, then in theory every member of that unit should carry their coin at all times. This is not a military regulation, as challenge coins are an informal tradition and are not normally given official support. However, if a member ofcn359 a unit fails to keep their challenge coin on them or cannot find it quickly, they may find themselves losing the next challenge.

A challenge can be initiated at any time in any place, although they are most common when troops have down time in the bunk or when they are out on the town. In order to initiate a challenge, a unit member only needs to draw their own coin and either hold it up and announce the challenge—often in a loud and defiant way—or tap, slam, or clink it onto the table or another surface. This immediately signifies a challenge to all unit members who are present.

When so challenged, unit members must respond by presenting their own coins. Normally they slam them on the table in turn or hold them up to prove that they have their coin in hand. A challenge involves a real risk: if a unit member who was challenged cannot present their coin immediately, they lose and must buy a round of drinks for all the others who were challenged and the challenger himself. But if everyone challenged can present their coins, then the challenger is the one who loses and must buy a round of drinks for everyone else.

There are some special rules involved. When challenged, a service member may take a single step and reach an arm’s length way to get to their coin, such as a challenge in the shower room. And coins normally cannot be drilled to be worn as a necklace; they must be intact. And if a service member drops their coin by accident, they have just initiated a challenge whether they wanted to or not.

Challenge coins remain in regular use by may units today, and are occasionally even given out as awards by officers. In the civilian world, they are among the most fascinating and diverse military memorabilia.

Do you have any challenge coins?

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Our Lapel Pins Made Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings Magainze!

Lapel pins are great alone or – as shown in the Spring 2014 edition of Martha Stewart’s marthastewartsealReal Weddings magazine – great with a card.

The pairing of lapel pins and stationary creates awesome presentation cards that PinMart has been selling for a while, and this awesomeness didn’t go unnoticed by the editorial team for Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings magazine. In the Spring 2014 edition for Real Weddings, custom PinMart lapel pins were paired with witty words and warm-colored designs printed on high quality stationary by PaperPresentation.com.

pinsoncardsSome of the Real Weddings presentation cards in the magazine included a save the date, getting married, and see you soon card – great for people who like to keep things casual and classy at the same time.

According to PinMart’s very own Cheri Dominelli, who helped facilitate the feature in the magazine, “The concept is an innovative use of our pins in a simple yet splendid visual.”

And the visual is stunning indeed. As seen in the “OH SNAP!” card, graphics on the stationary were used to complement the pin. By adding a flash! graphic to the corner of the camera pin, a sense of action is portrayed – a great example of how things on stationary don’t always have to appear to be.. well, stationary.

Another great example of this actionable feeling portrayed by the presentation cards is seen on the “BON VOYAGE!” card. Unlike a printed graphic of a plane, the plane pin gives the recipient of the card something to touch and experience. Also, the plane that pops off the stationary creates a feeling of flying upward… toward the sky… headed to Paris.

If you’re interested in creating presentation cards like those featured in Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings magazine, you have two options:

1. You can purchase pins and stationary separately (pins from $1.50 at PinMart.com and stationary from PaperPresentation.com from $8.00 for 25 sheets)

2. You can purchase per-designed presentation cards from PinMart.com.

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Understanding Cataracts


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Your Simple Guide to Navy Pins

Your Simple Guide to Navy Pins

If you take a look at military pins online you will see that there are more Navy pins than ever. This is because hat and lapel pins are both great ways to show pride in our military. Here are some of the most common Navy pins you will see:

• General Navy pins – Perhaps the most common Navy pins are those that simply say “Navy,” “U.S. Navy” or show one of the Navy’s logos such as the anchor or an eagle. These pins can be worn on a lapel or hat to show support for the Navy overall. They are by no means limited only to sailors—Navy pins are often worn by family members as well, to show their pride in their sailor or veteran and in the U.S. military. Navy pins are extremely popular and can draw instant camaraderie between veterans, service members, and family members.
• Specific tours of duty – Some sailors and vets will wear Navy pins that represent service in a specific campaign, theater or tour of duty. For example, there are many veterans today who wear Navy pins representing their service in Afghanistan or Iraq. These pins will show the colors of the campaign ribbon and the year served, such as ’07. Campaign pins like this may not make immediate sense to civilians, but they have the advantage of calling out to other veterans of the same campaign.
• Unit insignia – Obviously, there’s a lot of pride and even some competitiveness between different fleets, units, and occupations in the Navy. Some U.S. Navy pins will show pride in a certain unit or type of service. For example, you may see a sailor wearing an Atlantic Fleet pin, an Amphibious or Air Crew pin, or a pin for the specific ship they serve on. All of these can foster a sense of brotherhood with fellow sailors of the same ship, line of work or fleet.
• Pins for family members – Some navy pins that have become very popular are those that are designed not for active or veteran sailors, but for their loved ones. For example, you may see a wife wearing an “I heart my sailor” pin or a father wearing a “My Daughter is USN” pin. There are specific pins for virtually every relationship, whether you have a brother, sister, son, daughter, mother, father, or significant other in the service.306

• Rank pins – Also not uncommon are lapel pins that show the rank a sailor has achieved. These are not part of official dress uniform but they can be worn with civilian attire to make a strong impression. For example, you might see someone wearing a lapel pin that shows the rank insignia of a Petty Officer 1st Class.

Do you have a U.S. Navy pin?

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The Great War at 100

100 years ago: very few people can say they were alive, and even fewer can admit to remembering much of anything from 1914, in the late summer. Women still could not vote. America’s veteran population consisted of men who fought in the Civil War and the Spanish American War. Wrigley Field was in its fledgling year, hosting a new Chicago baseball team called the Cubs. And on this day in 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofie, were assassinated while in Serbia by a Slavic nationalist, which started World War One.

100 years later, armchair quarterbacks go over the strategies of the 32 countries who all found themselves involved in The Great War. But what resonates most strongly with people who study this very pivotal period in history is the personal affects that remain: the151 letters, the uniforms, the medals and lapel pins earned through bravery and teamwork. Because while the decisions made during the heat of battle continue to effect our current world relations, for the average American like you and me, it’s the personal connections we can make to this far distant history that really help us understand what World War One was all about.

Over 65 million men fought in World War One from all over the world, with and against each other. As of 2008, the last surviving veteran of World War One passed away, an American man named Frank Buckles. He’d joined the army at 16 by claiming he had no birth certificate, only the family bible, to denote his birth, and therefore couldn’t prove he was or wasn’t 18, which he was hoping recruiters believed he was. He also fought in World War Two before settling down to raise a family in West Virginia. His legacy is kept alive through his grandchildren and great grandchildren, and the mementos he left behind. And for the millions of men who perhaps otherwise never would have had their life recorded or remembered in any way (this was long before social media and phone/cameras) are forever memorialized through the honors they earned in the war, and the medals, lapel pins and lives they touched during The Great War.

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FIFA World Cup Champs: not Germany, but these impressive pin collectors!

I admit that I watched a fair amount of this year’s just-completed FIFA World Cup, despite not being what I would consider an expert in soccer. The fact that I call it soccer instead of “football” alone labels me as a novice. But it was very cool to see such talent come together from all over the world and take part in something both physically challenging and so patriotic.  Every member of every team was playing for his country, not just himself or his team. So overall it was a thrilling experience to watch the teams winnow down to the final between Argentina and Germany.

Fans at the World Cup were almost as fun to watch, however. Their costumes made them quite the patriotic spectacle, and crowd shots were always entertaining. And I admit thatS340 without the vuvuzelas creating the non-stop drone as a backdrop to the 2010 games, this time around was much more enjoyable all around. As for those who went to the games, not only did they come dressed to impress, they all left with tons of souvenirs from the event. Notably, a father and son from India managed to collect lapel pins from all 32 teams, but for them that’s just the tip of the ice burg.

These two boast a collection of over 700 rare lapel pins from every sporting event from badminton to hockey, as well as Olympic pins. The passion is divided between sports and pin collecting, with the event or the sport in question creating the same fervor in them regardless.

As someone who makes lapel pins for a living I can attest that 700 lapel pins in general is quite a collection, but to have a specialized set like the Bhat’s is extremely impressive. Hats off to you two!

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