Lapel Pins Fit For A King… THE King

I think this story is pretty cool. Not often in my job do I get to claim that what I do is in any way tied to rock and roll royalty, much less the King himself. But this morning an article found its way into my inbox that I thought was really unique.. Continue reading

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Dancing with Autism Lapel Pins

Dancing with the stars is the kind of reality TV I can actually get into. I’m rooting not just for the novice dancers and their journey towards gracefulness, but also for the professional dancers and their ability to take someone with little to no ability into a rough approximation of Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire. They need to be able to teach anyone, from the body conscious to the overly confident, all while cameras are rolling and capturing their every exasperated sigh and exalted cheer. It’s genuinely inspiring. Continue reading

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National Doctor’s Day is Near

Next Wednesday is National Doctor’s Day. I admit I wouldn’t have known this except for the fact that our stethoscope lapel pins have been backordered since way early in the month and that seemed odd, so I did some digging. Turns out National Doctor’s day has been around for about 80 years but only became a nationally recognized day in 1990. And personally I can’t think of many occupations that deserve more thanks than doctors. Continue reading

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Like Australian Marmite? There are lapel pins for that.

So I ask you, which is better: to be mainstream trendy or hipster/indie cool? Personally I think it’s great to be either, and to just appreciate whoever it is that embraces you. I’ve seen a shift in custom lapel pins towards the quirky, the proud, and the unique, on social media and on websites like Etsy and Ebay. Individuals are coming to me to make lapel pins that speak for them, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them. There was even an article recently discussing this, and I think it’s spot on. Continue reading

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Jedi Mind Trick? Nope, just your run of the mill glucose-sniffing dog!

I read an amazing article today about a little boy and his dog. Sounds like your typical idyllic childhood, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it isn’t quite that simple. This little boy’s dog is not only his best friend, but he’s also been trained to help monitor his blood glucose. Luke, the little boy, has type 1 diabetes and has since he was about 2 years old. His blood glucose levels fluctuate so wildly that he’s often woken up at regular intervals in the night to take glucose tablets. And then there’s Jedi, his trusty canine companion and living, breathing glucose monitor. Continue reading

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Red Carpet Season

Apparently Business Insider, a site with, you guessed it, insight into domestic and world business markets, also has a “lifestyle” division! And with award season in full swing, they took aim at the fashions that are making their way down the red carpet at events such as the Emmys, Grammys, and Oscars. In a less typical move, they concentrated on men’s fashion, specifically: lapel pins and brooches.  I must say I was surprised at what they said. Continue reading

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Votes For Women!

I’ve been thinking a lot about politics recently, for obvious reasons. You can’t turn on the TV or open a news website without being inundated with coverage of the primaries and the candidates running for president. So as I’ve always done since I became old enough to vote, I’ve been thinking about my options and boning up on the platforms of the candidates. And today I was reminded that Susan B. Anthony day is coming up on the 15th, which to further tie things together, is also Presidents Day. Needless to say, politics is in the air. Continue reading

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Embroidered Patches Are the New Black

I don’t think it’s self-deprecating to say that I’m not the most fashion forward person I know. And I’m OK with that. But it turns out that PinMart, if not me, is actually very trendy! Recent articles in fashion magazines are filled with men-and women-wearing understated or outlandish pins on their lapels, and just recently someone pointed out an article about Tommy Hilfiger, a name even I’m familiar with. Continue reading

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Resolve: Donate Blood

Ah, New Year’s resolutions. The time when we’re all dedicated to losing 10 pounds, increasing our savings, and finally taking up the Hawaiian electric pedal steel guitar (or maybe that’s just me?). Whatever you set your mind to do to improve yourself, I wish you the best of luck! And if you’re still looking for something to add to your list of resolutions, may I suggest making a habit of donating blood? Continue reading

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Be Merry and Bright with Holiday Lapel Pins

Happy holidays from PinMart! As Hanukkah has just concluded, and with Christmas a mere 10 days away, I thought it high time to wish everyone a very happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or even Festivus! I’m sure I’ve left some folks out and for that I’m sorry, but I wish everyone happiness and cheer this winter time regardless. Continue reading

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