April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

I never really knew about it. Parkinson’s. But to tell you the truth, if someone mentioned itParkinson's Disease lapel pins the first thought that comes to mind is Michael J. Fox. For those of you not familiar with Parkinson’s, it’s a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects motor skills. The symptoms come on slowly over time, and the most obvious physical changes are shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement, and difficulty with walking. Continue reading

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Be Autism Friendly!

autism awareness pinsI’ll be the first to admit that at a party, I’m the one in the corner or the back of the room, hopefully having found the host’s pet cat or dog to hang out with. I’m painfully shy and struggle in groups. I bet a lot of you can relate. But for those with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) social interaction is a minefield and can make daily life extremely difficult to navigate through for them and their friends and loved ones. That’s why Autism Awareness Month exists: to build understanding and support in every community, and hopefully make a difference in the lives of those with ASD. Continue reading

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World Water Day

eco-green awareness pinsThe month of March is known to be in like a lion and out like a lamb. Whether that old adage holds true or not, March is a month when I’m acutely aware of weather, and nature, and so it makes sense to have World Water Day on March 22nd. It’s a vitally important platform that was started by the UN in 1993 and has grown ever since to help bring attention to the multitude of issues that face us and our planet. Continue reading

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Employee Appreciation Day

Award PinsSome businesses are better at it than others. Sometimes it involves delicious treats like cupcakes. It always falls on the first Friday in March. What is it? EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY!!! And if your company isn’t actively celebrating it already, you should be. Here’s why! Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

New Year’s is almost upon us! Chinese New Year that is. Unlike the western world who Chinese zodiac pinscelebrate the new year when the clock strikes midnight on January 1 of the new calendar year, the Chinese New Year falls on a different day every year depending on the lunar calendar. This year it will be the 16th February, and I thought it was time to get to know this holiday a little better. Continue reading

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Make Every Month American Heart Month

Sometimes I think we can become immune to awareness campaigns when we see them year in and year out. Especially if we look at the issue and think “that’s not me, that’s not my family”.  But everyone with a personal connection to an awareness cause was red heart lapel pinsat one time an outsider, until suddenly, often completely unexpectedly, devastatingly, they found themselves all too familiar with the awareness issue at hand. Continue reading

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Make America Cool Again

New Year, cool new deal! Looking for a way to jump start your pin collection? Love buying pinsdiscounted bling? Then let me introduce you to The Pin of the Week Promo!  Continue reading

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Pin Up Your Holidays!

Happy holidays from PinMart! Whatever you’re celebrating this December, you can spruce up your holiday with holiday pins! Check out our list of creative ways to use pins this holiday season, and if you think of any more, please share them in the comments! Continue reading

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Charmed to Meet You!

Personally, I don’t want to see a single Christmas decoration, or hear a single Christmas carol, until the day after Thanksgiving (Such a Scrooge, I know!) but that doesn’t mean I’m not already wracking my brain to plot out my Christmas gift list so everyone gets something that they A) love and B) shows I love them! And I think PinMart just made mycharms job a whole lot easier. Continue reading

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Bold Patterns and Lapel Pins

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know someone who’s style game is on point. He’s also an extremely nice, positive-thinking southern gentleman who works for a non-profit, which means he’s fighting the good fight every day for those less fortunate. (Sorry ladies, he’s engaged.) His name is John and you can follow him on Instagram at @Famouslydapper and the name is perfectly suited to him. Continue reading

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