Charmed to Meet You!

Personally, I don’t want to see a single Christmas decoration, or hear a single Christmas carol, until the day after Thanksgiving (Such a Scrooge, I know!) but that doesn’t mean I’m not already wracking my brain to plot out my Christmas gift list so everyone gets something that they A) love and B) shows I love them! And I think PinMart just made mycharms job a whole lot easier. Continue reading

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Bold Patterns and Lapel Pins

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know someone who’s style game is on point. He’s also an extremely nice, positive-thinking southern gentleman who works for a non-profit, which means he’s fighting the good fight every day for those less fortunate. (Sorry ladies, he’s engaged.) His name is John and you can follow him on Instagram at @Famouslydapper and the name is perfectly suited to him. Continue reading

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Did You Know? Political Pin Addition!

These days it seems like politicians are constantly campaigning, but truly this is nothing new, as the infographic below shows. Campaign buttons are as old as American politics itself! Check it out. And if you run across an old campaign pin, don’t be quick to throw it out, especially if it commemorates Cox and Roosevelt!

campaign pins

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What’s Your Sign?

It’s a time-honored pick up line: “Hey, what’s your sign?” and I grant you it’s a cheesy one. But the Zodiac with its 12 unique astrological signs, has been a popular and recognizable way to describe yourself or others, for millennia. And whether you are a staunch believer in horoscopes, or you just like to have fun with the different descriptions, there’s no denying Zodiac’s staying power. PinMart is joining the party with some beautiful antique metal zodiac pins that are great for everyone, and I have a few ways to use these pins that go beyond just pinning them to your shirt collar. Continue reading

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PinMart Accessories in Your Subscription Box!

You heard right! The world of subscription boxes is large and varied to say the least. But one of the better ones out there is a company known as Sprezza. The name is a shortened Italian word that means existing with nonchalance, effortlessly. Which is what Sprezza Men's accessorieshopes you will look like if you take advantage of their subscription box. Each month, stylists put together a box filled with half a dozen unique, effortlessly chic accessories that men can mix and match into their wardrobe. And PinMart is a featured item in August’s box! Our exclusive “It’s Lit” pin is a great addition to the August box, bringing that essential ‘pop’ of color to a suit jacket. Continue reading

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Are Cool Pins on Your Back to School List?

It’s happening already. Back to school ads. In stores, on TV. And I’m a good many years removed from school, yet I still get a little bit anxious when I see school ads start up again! I remember trying to figure out how to update my wardrobe, what colors my school supplies should be, and how to spruce up my returning favorites like fall jackets and backpacks. If only I’d had PinMart way back then; decorating my accessories would have been so much easier!

So with that in mind, here’s my list of great ways to ring in the new school year with pins! Continue reading

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Happy 241st Birthday America!

The 4th July is upon us already. And boy am I ready for it. 4 days of sun and friends, eating, drinking and being downright merry! This holiday has become so social, the ideal time for a big party with friends and family, and I don’t see a single thing wrong with this. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of waiting anxiously until the sun had finally, completely set so that we could start shooting off the rather questionable (read: military-grade) fireworks my dad had purchased way up north on the side of some two lane county highway.

But the older I get, and the most history I learn, the more meaningful the 4th of July becomes for me. The American flag lapel pins that average Americans, and Washington American flag lapel pinspoliticians wear represent a concept and a vision that men (and women) literally died for, and unfortunately, continue to die for. A bunch of ruffians on the east coast 250 years ago decided that a liberal democracy was worth taking on the absolute world power that was England… and despite every odd, they won. And so we continue on today, in our 21st century version of the vision our founding fathers dreamt up for us.

And equally importantly, we are still trying to achieve that dream. The Martin Luther King Jr’s, Harvey Milk’s, Gloria Steinem’s and millions of others are still pushing to bring our nation into a more perfect union.

So when you’re throwing on that 4th of July t-shirt, or pinning American flag lapel pins on for this weekend’s festivities, don’t forget how far we’ve come. From a threadbare flag with 13 stars on it, scorched and torn, flying above the fray, to wearing seeing Old Glory on everything from baseball hats to tennis shoes. Raise a glass to freedom. And then by all means cut straight to the part where you shoot off colorful, contraband explosives.

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Where Pride on Your Sleeve… Or Lapel

Pride Month is upon us! Though it’s been around for for very nearly 50 years, Pride Month has really come into its own in the last decade or so. With increasing acceptance and understanding of the LGBT community, the ability to celebrate during June has increased in the 21st century. From massive parades in cities like Chicago, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Toronto, to increased community outreach, Pride Month has become one of summer’s most celebrated holidays. Continue reading

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Get Pinned for Flag Day

This Wednesday, we celebrate Flag Day! And while many young people look at Old Glory and see a timeless icon of Americana, the current incarnation is only 57 years old! And prior to adding the 50th star (Hawaii held out as a state until 1960) we actually had 27 other variations throughout our country’s 241 year history. So timeless? Maybe not. But iconic? Absolutely!

Continue reading

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Why is it harder to talk about mental illness than it is about say, breast cancer or heart disease? There’s a lot of stigma surrounding the issue of mental illness, shame, embarrassment and even fear experienced by people dealing with mental illness when it comes to discussing it with others, regardless of why. And, pun intended, I think part of the problem is that many sufferers feel that it’s “all in their head”. Which it is, to an extent. But that doesn’t make it any less of a disease, nor is it in any way a person’s fault or shortcoming. And making this case, amongst other things, is the purpose of Mental Health Awareness Month, which occurs in May of every year. Continue reading

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