Thankful for Military Familes

Happy November! Welcome to the season of goodwill, of thanks-giving and appreciation for all we have and all we’ve accomplished throughout the year. And with this upswell of gratitude it bears remembering that it isn’t just our own individual families that we’re thankful for. Because November hosts not only Thanksgiving but also Veteran’s Day, and the entire month is devoted to honoring military families. Many of you are yourselves military families, and the sacrifices you make all year every year are both noble and inspiring.

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Cuff Links, Lapel Pins, and Patches for the Halloween Win!

It’s crunch time for Halloween costume ideas. Some people spend months (and a bunch of money) crafting brilliant and terrifying costumes. I’m openly envious of these people. Because while I spend months considering Halloween costume options, somehow I’m always that girl the night before the party pulling out tinfoil and cardboard tubes, trying to pull off something way too ambitious. Last year for example. I started off with grand ideas and in the end just greeted trick or treaters with my pet cats in my arms: it was my second year in a row as a “crazy cat lady”. Not really a stretch from every other day of the year, I admit.

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Make Old New Again with Trendy Pins

The reality of “fall” is starting to sink in with me. The weather has cooled off significantly, you can’t take five steps without being offered something that tastes like pumpkin spice, and we’re four weeks into the football season already. I won’t say I’m the biggest fan of cooler weather or earlier sunsets, but one thing I can get behind is “sweater weather”. You know, that’s the narrow temperature range where you can be comfy in just a sweater or a light jacket. And it’s nice pulling out clothes you haven’t worn in six months, but at the same time it’s fun to update your fall wardrobe. I think you know where I’m going with this: trendy pins.

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Political Pins Are So Vogue

Voting is a lot of things. It’s vital to our society. It’s empowering. It’s sometimes frustrating. It’s your civic duty! It’s extremely important. But one thing I didn’t consider voting: sexy. At least until today. Because when Kendall Jenner, Michael Kors, Joan Smalls and a slew of other models and designers don PinMart’s political pins and dance their way through a voting PSA, suddenly voting looks GOOD. So good in fact that CondeNast sponsored the video and it’s now making the rounds on every social media platform known to man via the CFDA and Instagram. They’re calling it Runway to Registration and it’s certainly getting a lot of attention.

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What’s Your Fall List?

Seriously. If you blinked, you missed summer. I looked at my calendar this morning and nearly did a spit take with my coffee… Labor Day is this coming Monday. The unofficial end to summer. And the return to school for many kids and adults. I’m sure I’m not the only one bummed out a little bit by this prospect, and I’m not even in school anymore! And what I do when I find myself not particularly looking forward to something, is try to find the good aspects of the situation, or ways to make it more enjoyable. Regular Polyanna I am.

So here’s my list of things to get excited about with fall and back to school:

  • Sweater weather: Time to pull out the sweaters you stuffed away into the back of your closet for the summer. And if you’re anything like me, that means it may also be time to get a few new fall and winter items to add to your wardrobe! There’s nothing like feeling confident in a new outfit to make you want to go out and face new experiences and challenges.


  • Fall flavors: Another upside to fall is the new flavors of, well, everything. Whether you frequent a coffee shop every morning on your way to work or school, or you’re at your local grocery store, you’re going to start seeing cinnamon, pumpkin academic lapel pinsand “harvest” flavors everywhere. Which is another good reason to buy some new sweaters: to hide those extra “harvest flavor” pounds.


  • A Fresh Start: Every school year is a fresh start and a chance to reinvent yourself. And whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, part of that reinvention can come in the form of motivation. A cool new trend I’m told is for teachers to reward students for hitting certain goals with fitting academic lapel pins. Whether it’s acing a test, getting homework in on time, or killing it on a book report, these pins can be added to backpacks, lanyards, cord boards or just worn around school. And for parents, if your teachers aren’t participating in a pin program, consider starting your own academic lapel pins program at home!

Now my list certainly isn’t universal. You may love the fall colors, the cooler weather, or any number of other things. However you need to think to get yourself into the fall mood, now is the time!

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All!… Collector Pins That Is

After months of doom and gloom about Rio’s Olympic capabilities,  things seem to be running far better than anticipated. As a (very) amateur runner myself I love watching the sprints and marathon coverage, as well as the diving, swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball. Though honestly, any time in the next two weeks if the games are on, I’m probably going to plunk myself down in front of them for a while, regardless of what’s on.

Another neat thing-to me-about the games is their tie to collector pin trading, something I know a little bit about. Since the modern Olympic games, collector pins have been a part of the games. The first modern games in 1896 featured three  pins: one for judges, one for officials, and one for the athletes. If you haven’t guessed, the amount of pins for each successive set of games has increased exponentially since then. Nowadays, if you believe theCollector Pins “Pin-heads” as they’re called, collector pins are more influential than money in places, and are in fact used as tips at restaurants and in taxis.

Pin collectors at the games will spend a lot of their free time trading, wheedling, and bartering their way into a particularly unique or coveted piece. They’ll put down money for the commercially sold pieces, but the truly memorable and desirable pins will be the ones that are traded for, and for some pieces, once they’re obtained, they will never be up for trading but will instead be displayed alongside other highly unique and priceless pieces.

Someone interviewed in an article about the pins said that the craze at the Olympics could only be related to another worldwide obsession: Pokemon Go. He pointed out that just like the game, collectors will spend a lot of free time wandering around the grounds and then battling other collectors to get what they want without parting with too many of their own favorite pieces. And the kicker is that perhaps the rarest and most sought after pin of this year’s Olympic Games features, you guessed it, a Pikachu, smiling beside the Olympic Rings. Catch’ em all!

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These Lapel Pins Could Land You In Jail!

Don’t get me wrong, I know the power of lapel pins. I know that they can inspire, incite action, comfort, or amuse. But in North Korea, lapel pins are more than a way to personalize an outfit or reflect a cause: they’re mandatory. That’s correct. Every adult citizen of North Korea is required to wear a pin bearing the image of Kim Jung Il or his father, Kim Il Sung.

And so, when a bag containing about 200 pins bearing the image of the late dictator, Jung Il, were found near the DMZ inside the border of South Korea, it was not assumed that they were set down by accident and left. It appears that this deposit of North Korean propaganda is just another in a long string of antagonizing tactics used to push one side or the other and instigate war.

Police have the pins in custody (I love how that sounds!) and they’re investigating how they lapel pinsgot into the country. If they do find an individual in South Korea responsible for the pins, that person could face up to seven years in jail. For pins! But for years, both sides have devised ways of sending propaganda to each other. Though in the case of South Korea, their propaganda sometimes came in the form of basic necessities like food and even socks. North Korea’s impoverished citizenry is the focus of concern for humanitarian organizations in South Korea. Their efforts to send supplies to North Korea are often  responded to with threats for military or nuclear action, and so the South Korean government does its best to prevent such humanitarian aid from being sent in the first place.

Recently though, South Korea has been blasting K-Pop (think the Asian version of the Backstreet Boys) and anti-North Korea broadcasts across the border, with North Korea sending back similar broadcasts and floating balloons with dictatorial propaganda pamphlets back over into South Korea. I openly admit it sounds insane.

The reality of the situation in North Korea is obviously very serious, and their threats are not to be taken lightly. But I cannot help but be both amused and impressed that lapel pins are enough to start country-wide investigations and that retaliation might be blaring the Korean Justin Timberlake back over the border to the North.

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Service Star Flag pins and their meaning

As the political season kicks into high gear, we at PinMart start getting news alerts about what the candidates and their entourages are wearing on their suit jackets. Usually it’s timeless American Flag lapel pins, but yesterday there was a barrage of news stories on a pin that Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine was wearing. Some years ago, Kaine had done humanitarian work in Honduras, so when he gave his DNC speech on Wednesday, his flag lapel pin, which was clearly not the American Flag, it was at first IDed the Honduran flag. This riled up critics who expressed anger that Kaine was not paying tribute to his own country. But upon closer scrutiny, and confirmed by Kaine, the flag he was wearing was discovered to be a blue Service Star flag pin. That is because two days ago his son Nat, a marine, deployed overseas.

This uproar made me realize that perhaps the American public isn’t as familiar with these flag pins as I thought they were. And that an informational blog was needed. So here you go!

The Service Star flag, or Blue Star Banner as it’s sometimes called, was designed by a WWI Service Star Flag PinArmy Captain. He had two sons in active duty and thought it would be a fitting tribute to their service. By WWII the practice became widespread to display a Service Star flag banner in the window of your home if you had children deployed, with one star for every child in harm’s way. It even led to an organization called Blue Star Mothers of America, who would create care packages to send to soldiers overseas. And in the intervening decades, the stars have come to represent more than just sons: the US government notes that they can recognize all members of an immediate family, from mothers and fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

The proper way to hang this flag, when not in the form of a lapel pin, should be indoors, with the logo facing out the window. And if tragedy does strike, a gold star is added to the blue star, to indicate a fallen family member.

Symbols like this, whether in the form of lapel pins or the traditional flag, provide great comfort to those who have family members in the military, protecting American and its allies across the world. It serves as a way to recognize others also suffering the same worries, and provides a network of community support.

So I hope this was helpful. And I hope that next time you see Kaine, or anyone in your community wearing this lapel pin, that you’ll recognize it and its importance to the families of service that men and women fighting all over the world.

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Political Pins, Policy, and Protesters, Oh My!

No pressure or anything, but the 2016 US Presidential election is possibly one of the most important elections in our country’s history. I say this because we are a world-policy-driving country in the midst of a world that is dealing with terror attacks, race wars, environmental upheaval, and a host of other as of yet unthought of issues. And our choices, if both the Democratic and Republican conventions go according to speculation, are the first woman to hold the office of President or the first man without any prior political or military experience to take the office. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

This Monday the Republican party will holds its national conventioNationalConvention16n in Cleveland, Ohio. Here delegates will formally nominate Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, and he will likely accept that nomination. It will be four days of speakers, platform-planning, and excitement-building programs, aimed to pull the party together and planning the way forward to the November elections.

Then the following week the Democrats will host their own National Convention, nominating Hillary Clinton, this one in Philadelphia PA. Their convention will run much the same, though no doubt their agreed-upon party platform will look markedly different.

One thing all the delegates can agree upon, regardless of party affiliation, is their love of political swag. The spectacle is easily half the reason some of the delegates enjoy going to the convention, and it’s certainly one of the main reasons I enjoy watching the televised portions of it. Everything from outrageous hats and costumes to the more traditional political pins and ribbons will be on display. Think of conventions like the political Lalapolooza: with every trending and established political “rock star” taking part.

There will no doubt be protests outside both venues, and personally, as long as they’re peaceful, I’m all for that. That’s part of what makes our country great: the ability to speak freely and openly about important issues. And also the passion that both the delegates and the protesters alike feel for issues facing this country. We always need passion: now we just need the next great leader who can channel that passion into policy.

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An End to Memorial Pins

It’s not an easy thing to talk about: all of this violence happening to police and to the people they are sworn to protect. The truth is that none of this should be happening, and we shouldn’t have to talk about it at all. Or rather, I wish that we didn’t need to talk about it anymore. As a human I watch the news and sometimes cannot bear what I see. As someone who works with awareness products for a living, I feel exactly the same way.

The understanding that doctors and scientists all over the world are working each and every day to improve and remove the likes of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and Lyme disease (to name but a few) makes wearing a pink breast cancer ribbon, or a red heart disease ribbon, feel hopeful, as well as a way to honor those who have been taken from us. But when I see requests flowing in for awareness ribbons to remember young black men who were killed during routine traffic stops, or the horror that was Dallas last week… it’s almost too much to take.

Our business is built on recognizing and inspiring change with products like memorial pins memorial pinsand bracelets and the like. But I don’t think there’s a single person here at PinMart that wouldn’t gladly give up all of the orders that come in after tragedies like Sandy Hook, 9/11, or the Dallas massacre. I would like nothing more than to never see a black awareness ribbon pin, or a heart with “Remember…”, ever again.

But we’re not there yet. This world is full of the painfully beautiful and the just plain painful, and you can’t, as yet, have one without the other. But that doesn’t mean we should turn off and shut down. It’s time to renew our faith in our fellow man, to be kind to strangers, and to be cautious about labels and stereotypes.  And not having to put together another order for a memorial service for someone who’s life was cut short… that matters.

Here’s to doing everything we can to be our very best, most compassionate, patient selves. Here’s to kindness. And here’s to crazy cat lady pins, and avocado pins, and snow cones and martini glass pins. To pins that make us smile.

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