Earth Day Turns 45!

Earth Day 2015 marks 45 years of celebrating this one of a kind planet that we call home. Started in 1970, Earth Day organizations have spawned both grass-roots movements as well as the EPA, or environmental protection agency.  Many laws that protect both the land and the wildlife we share this earth with have come from the EPA and related organizations.

And despite being in its 45th year, the purposes behind Earth day are more important now than they ever were. Every year we have more tools with which to protect the earth and to decrease our carbon footprint. And every year we need to start creating new eco-friendly habits, and inspiring others to do the same. But don’t get daunted: you can take small Eco-Green Pinssteps that will lead to big changes down the road.

Consider volunteering at a recycling center, or organizing a local recycling drive. Or research the local addresses and phone numbers for recycling facilities, and what they offer, to share at school, work, and extra curricular activities. Even reusing scrap paper, biking or carpooling to work, and supporting eco-friendly products helps. And be sure to share your tips and tricks with others. Because sometimes the biggest thing holding people back from change is researching the who, what, when, where, and how.

Even doing something as simple as wearing eco-green pins to spread the word and start conversations with people can help inspire change. PinMart has an entire line of pins that are made from recycled materials, and can be worn year round to remind others to do their part on Earth Day, and every day.

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