In Memoriam with Memorial Pins

I had a really bittersweet but genuinely wonderful opportunity recently. I was contacted by someone who helped put together the public memorial for actors Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. He wanted to create a limited run of memorial pins to sell at the public memorial to honor these two amazing women, and also raise funds for a a charity close to both: The Thalians. I was conversely  thrilled to get to be a part of something like this, and also sobered by the loss of these two incredible performers, activists and philanthropists.

The pin itself is a beautiful piece of artwork created by a gentleman named Ricky LaChance and features Ms. Reynolds and Ms. Fisher from behind, wearing a raincoat andmemorial pins white robes respectively, depicting the characters they are best known for: Kathy Selden from Singin’ in the Rain and Princess Leia from Star Wars. It’s sweet and poignant and I was so proud to get to use it on a pin that would be sold to raise money for such a long-standing and important charity.

The Thalians, for those who aren’t familiar with them, are a charity founded in the 1950’s by movie stars of the time who wanted to change the world behind the screen as well as on it. They decided to dedicate the charity to helping children and adults with mental illness, and also to honor other actors and performers for their philanthropic work. Both Reynolds and Fisher have been honored by the Thalians for their charitable works.

After the memorial pins project had wrapped up and the pins were shipped out to the event, which was held on the 25th of March, I was, as I usually am, immediately distracted with a dozen other projects. But over that weekend I started to see images from the memorial on every news outlet you can think of, amongst them were pictures of Dan Aykroyd, Carrie Fisher’s one time fiancee, wearing the pin I helped realize, while speaking at the event. It was such a cool thrill, I must admit.

Even cooler is that people can still purchase these pins on the Thalians website. The money all goes towards the charity and getting one of these pins is both a unique piece of memorabilia as well as a beautiful tribute to two women who changed the face of the entertainment industries in their own undeniable bold ways.

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Pin Sets Are the Jewelry Equivalent to Squad Goals

Most of us-even me, a self-professed crazy cat lady-has a squad, crew, gang, or posse. And we all fit together despite our differences. Someone can always be counted on to instigate the shenanigans, and inversely, someone else will bail everyone out when things go south. There’s the creative one, the handy one, the one you can call at 2am with love troubles. Every individual is unique, but together you’re an unstoppable force. And when you’re together, even if you don’t realize it, you’re celebrating the combination of your differences and similarities. And we here at PinMart get that. So to celebrate the power of the group, we’ve released a bunch of amazing pin sets this week.

These collections come on a cool, stylized card, displaying the whole collection, whether pin setsit’s old-school gaming, a hipster starter set, or the best of late-night Asian cuisine. Each set celebrates the quirky, the hungry, the mythical or the zen, and then some. And from what I hear, there are tons more in the works, so these 12 different sets are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

One cool way to use these pin sets is to take advantage of the current trend in lapel pins which to wear multiple pins on your jacket, sweater, backpack, you name it. Some people keep their entire pin collection on a beloved messenger bag, while others carefully choose a select few pins to wear every day. These sets are ideal for creating a trendy collection for your lapel, adding color and visual interest to your favorite old denim jacket or chunky sweater. And with our sets pre-chosen, there’s no need to worry about whether they’ll go together: we’ve taken the guess-work out.

And if you’re like me, you’re looking at all of these pins sets and considering which of your friends would wear each one. Who would get the to-go latte, and who would get the pin setsdoughnut from the sweet tooth set? Who’s the head and who’s the heart if you’re divvying up the anatomy pin set? Much like the best friend necklaces of my youth, these pin sets can be given out to your best friends, so that you all look cool on your own, but together, you’re a perfect set.

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A Match Made in Marketing

I’m sure I’m not the first one to ponder this, but it’s awfully uncanny that Valentine’s Day falls in the same month as American Heart Month. Well played, people who determine our American holiday schedule, well played. Because remembering to shower our loved ones with hearts and flowers should also remind us to take care of them and ensure many Valentine’s Days to come. And while a visit to the doctor isn’t perhaps the most romantic way to spend your morning or afternoon, making sure you’re in good shape so that you’re around for your loved ones is in a way a VERY romantic gesture.

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What are your core values?

I wanted to share a really cool recognition program that PinMart initiated recently. It’s called the Core Values Program and it centers around our company’s code of ethics. Our mission statement, broken down into categories that help us work with each other, with our customers, and take pride in ourselves. And to help promote these values, as well as reward those who demonstrate them, we’ve set up our Core Values Program. Once a quarter the whole company shows up bright and early, enjoys a catered breakfast, and then dives into the highlights of the last quarter, and the goals for the next. It’s a good way to see where we’ve gone and where we’re going.

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The Rule to Wearing Lapel Pins? There Aren’t Any.

As the year ends and everyone gears up for their New Year’s Eve parties, I keep seeing these articles online with “expert” opinions on how to dress up the right way if you’re going to a fancy NYE party. Some of them make sense (don’t wear a dress longer than you are in your heels) and some of them seem completely arbitrary (lapel pins should be worn parallel to the edge of the lapel… ??) but one thing all of these different guides seem to have in common is their assurance that they have the definitive answers.

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One less thing on my bucket list

Everything from my waist down was in agony. And for the past three hours the sun had been shining down on me unforgivingly. So much for the rain that was forecast. As I reached the finish line I could see hundreds of recent finishers swarmed on either side, medalstheir medals winking in the sunshine. And, disregarding the pain in my feet as much as I could, I pushed myself into a sprint to cross the last marker measuring my first marathon. Because I really wanted to get one of those medals. And when I bowed down to let the race official place the medal around my neck I beamed, admiring the weight and the shine of the piece. “Wow, I wonder if PinMart could make something like this,” was almost my first thought. Go figure.

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The Safety Pin Movement Has Come to America

I’ve taken some time to digest things. Yes, this is of course a nod to Thanksgiving dinner, which was delicious and did require some serious napping afterwards to aid digestion. But I’m also referring to the recent election the USA is still reacting from. Regardless of your political leanings, a majority of Americans (77% according to a gallup poll out last week) agree that our nation is more divided than it has been in decades. And that perception affects all of us, regardless of who we are, where we live, or what we believe in. It’s never been more important to come together now as a nation to somehow bridge this divide. And one way Americans are trying to combat discrimination is through the safety pin movement.

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I Voted! Did You?

It’s hard enough getting up in the mornings now that the weather is cooling and the sun inches further and further away. But this morning I made sure I was up well before the sun, and out the door before the moon had set. Why you ask? Because I was on a mission to obtain an “I voted” sticker. And one hour later I can report that I was successful, and that it feels astoundingly GOOD, and EMPOWERING to have that flimsy little decal on my lapel.

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Thankful for Military Familes

Happy November! Welcome to the season of goodwill, of thanks-giving and appreciation for all we have and all we’ve accomplished throughout the year. And with this upswell of gratitude it bears remembering that it isn’t just our own individual families that we’re thankful for. Because November hosts not only Thanksgiving but also Veteran’s Day, and the entire month is devoted to honoring military families. Many of you are yourselves military families, and the sacrifices you make all year every year are both noble and inspiring.

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Cuff Links, Lapel Pins, and Patches for the Halloween Win!

It’s crunch time for Halloween costume ideas. Some people spend months (and a bunch of money) crafting brilliant and terrifying costumes. I’m openly envious of these people. Because while I spend months considering Halloween costume options, somehow I’m always that girl the night before the party pulling out tinfoil and cardboard tubes, trying to pull off something way too ambitious. Last year for example. I started off with grand ideas and in the end just greeted trick or treaters with my pet cats in my arms: it was my second year in a row as a “crazy cat lady”. Not really a stretch from every other day of the year, I admit.

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